Exeter & District Embroiderers' Guild is a branch of the educational charity Embroiderers' Guild, whose remit is to build awareness of stitch and textile art, and to encourage, inspire and promote the achievement of excellence.

Monthly Meetings & Workshop Lists

Marilyn’s Pin Cushion

 Here are the requirements for Marilyn’s workshop.

You will need a Cotton Reel

A piece of card to cut a circle 8.5cm diameter

Fabric piece to cut two circles from plus another piece of fabric approx 15cm x 7cm

Small amount of stuffing

Needle and thread.

Small piece of lace to cover the reel.

Embroidered Button in the Style of Sue Spargo
by Judith Venning

For this workshop, you will need:

  1. 1 cardboard circle measuring 2½ inches (6.5 cm)
  2. 1 cardboard circle measuring 1 ½ inches (4 cm)
  3. Felt sufficient to cut out circles of the larger size
  4. Mixture of sewing threads – 6 stranded type preferred
  5. Sewing kit & scissors
  6. Dissolvable fabric (not essential)
  7. Sheet of very small squares for making patterns (not essential. You can draw them)
  8. Fabric marker pen (not essential)
  9. A blank self- cover button or any button measuring about 2 inches
  10. Beads & sparkly thin threads for extra enhancement if desired

The large circle will be used for cutting out your felt.  The small circle will be used to mark the inner area that will be decorated.

October 10th – Stitching Workshop by Lynn Bennett


Piece of fabric either printed or stencilled


Embroidery ring

Embroidery Threads

Usual Sewing equipment.

Also bring work to show and tell from the lock down.



Heart  by Liz Moon


3 pieces of felt no less than 9ins x 12ins in 2 different colours

2 or more colours of size 8 beads in colours to blend with felt.

(this bead size has large enough hole as they need to be stitched on with embroidery thread – check you have a needle that goes through the hole

Sequins, small disc-shaped beads, tiny buttons or similar

Embroidery threads – not thick or use stranded that can be split to 1 or 2 strands

Usual sewing kit

I will bring template of heart shape

small amount of stuffing and odd pieces of felt for decoration

You don,t have to do the same design as me – choose a different theme i.e. indian

, anniversary etc.

Weaving as an Embellishment 8th February 2020 by Annie Moor


  1. Assortment of blunt ended needles e.g. large tapestry to smaller cross-stitch sizes.
  2. Range of threads e.g. perle cottons, art yarns, skeins of 6 stranded embroidery thread, other threads in a variety of colour and thickness on skeins.
  3. Reel of strong thread e.g. buttonhole thread – I will bring a variety of strong threads for warping the looms.
  4. Beads – variety of sizes (optional).
  5. Paper/cardboard scissors.
  6. Small pliers or tweezers and silicone thimble (optional).
  7. Normal sewing kit with small scissors.Small crochet hook (optional)
  8. I will bring looms, assortment of threads,
  9. weaving needles and everything else you will need.

Stencilling and Hand Stitch 11th January 2020 by Dee Priest

  • You will need:About an A4 piece of fabric. In the sample I used an orangey yellow space dyed cotton but it could be any light or dark colour even with a pattern as long as it’s not too dominant or busy.
  • Thin and thick threads to tone or contrast. I often use variegated thread but whatever suits.
  • A4 piece of soft, thin wadding or muslin
  • Scraps of felt
  • Buttons, beads or sequins
  • Usual sewing kit

In the morning we will be stencilling the fabric ready to sew. I will bring stencils, acrylic paint and sponges but bring your own if you wish.

As usual my work is full of colour but this would look stunning in a pale rust, cream and tea dyed colour way or in black and white. Let’s start the year with some beautiful simple stitching!

Xmas : Decorated Stuffed Elephant – by Lynn

Lynn suggests you might want to preparea the piece of cloth with glittery bits of material.

Here is the template:-Elephant

N.B. The exact measurement of the elephant is 13.8cm wide & 10.2cm high, but any proportion can be used to suit your preference. If you print directly from this pdf, the size will be a little smaller, as it adjusts to fit your paper.  (To get nearer to the correct size, download the pdf file first and choose to open it. Then click on Print and set the scale to none)


Xmas Fabric

A4 piece of calico

Beads, sequins & embelishments


Decorative Cord

Sewing kit


Fabric Journal Houses – by Nicky Peterkin November 2019


  1. 3 fat quarters of fabric
  2. Equivalent of felt
  3. 2 rectangles of wadding 6” by 8”
  4. 4 A4 pieces of card or thick pelmet vilene
  5. 4 samples of embroidery for the house walls (no bigger than 4”by 5”)
  6. Embellishments to decorate
  7. Normal hand sewing kit
  8. Assorted threads (some jazzy for outside over stitching)
  9. Craft knife and mat
  10. INCLUDE things you would like to keep, ie old pieces of clothing, favourite buttons, something with a story behind it

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