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Flag of Thanks

FLAG DESIGN instructions to download.

You may remember Neil as the sewing solder on the Great British Sewing Bee.

You can also find some information on the Guild website at https://embroiderersguild.com/index.php?page_no=168&page_menu=news-events&fbclid=IwAR1oMR5t6qlwEyXaxGyaWI0hh0riP2_Sch7BlkDWWSH1VHDvreK_aHbz7Fk#. Once you have accessed the page, search for “flags” to find the article.

I am after some help. I am spearheading a project called Flag of Thanks.

I am asking the nation to create customised quilted flags that reflect their gratitude and support for the Armed Forces Community, from those currently serving and veterans. All the flags will be displayed in a public exhibition in Salisbury, as part of the Armed Forces Day celebrations. After the display, my plan is to join the flags together to make something useful like quilts, ponchos or sleeping bags. These will be gifted to veterans who are or have previously been homeless, as a gesture of support and community. The quilt is symbolic of having a home and the making of quilts has been a part of the Armed forces dating back to the Crimean War. I believe that receiving such gifts that have been personally made will have a considerable positive impact on the individuals. My target is a 1000 flags, so I need help in making them and I need you please to forward this email to everyone in your group and everyone else you know who has a creative spirit. The attached PDF document gives details of the Flags and the website flagsofthanks.org gives more details about the project and where to so send the flags when complete. (please note the website is still being worked on so not all the links will work).

The flag designs can be patchwork, appliqué, embroidered, drawn or painted with washable fabric ink, or any combination. Designs are to be military themed images or literal messages of thankfulness. There are some examples in the instructions.

For those who have not sewn or quilted before please create a flag and I will do the quilting and binding.

Deadline for the Flags is 10 June 2019. 

Please pass on to as many people as possible who you think might help. If you have links with schools or children’s clubs I may be able to help in running workshops and will come and give a talk to any group about “Sewing on the Front Line”.

Please email Neil – sewingsoldier@icloud.com with any questions or just to confirm you want to make a flag so I have an idea of numbers. I am planning a whole social media campaign, twitter facebook etc I jam still working on it but watch this space.



Massive thanks



the sewing soldier

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National Stitch Day

Details about National Celebration of Stitch day are now on the Embroiderers’ Guild website. You can find the information at https://embroiderersguild.com/index.php?page_no=969&page_menu=national-celebration-of-stitch-2019, and you should look at the source for any updates. However, this is what the website currently says.

“The National Day of Stitch has this year been moved to the Saturday 22nd June 2019. This was decided by the Council of Regional Chairs following comments that August was a difficult month to get anything organised. We hope this will allow more branches to participate.

The theme this year will follow the lead of the Guild’s big project, HOME. But with a slight twist. Use the letters of the word or the word itself to create inspiring patterns to allow the public to have a go. Create hoop arts or banners the public and your members can stitch on using the word or letters of the word as your pattern. Use felt to create giant letters to decorate. Cut out the letters from foam board or even potatoes to print and then stitch. The ideas are endless.

In order to make this a National Day, we need as many branches as possible to participate on June 22nd. If most of our branches take part, the Embroiderers’ Guild can then advertise the day as a truly National one. I have taken part in the National Celebration of Stitch since its inception and have always had an enjoyable day.

If you are an individual member (i.e. a member of the Guild who is not a member of a branch) then you may like to contact the branch closest to you or do something with some friends. If you would like to do something with other individual members, but you are not aware of them, I am happy to put you in touch. I don’t know where members live, but I can always send an e-mail from the Region to all individual members stating that person x would like to do something in a particular area and would anybody else like to join in.

I do hope that you are able to join in.

Julie Stenning

Chair – Embroiderers’ Guild – South West Region







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