Exeter & District Embroiderers' Guild is a branch of the educational charity Embroiderers' Guild, whose remit is to build awareness of stitch and textile art, and to encourage, inspire and promote the achievement of excellence.

Day Schools

26th October – Rust and Wode – Adele Thomas

Short description of course:

 1 day workshop -1 completed art work.

We will be experimenting with the rusting process on fabric and threads. Adding woad paint in, then drying off one sample and stitching into it, then framing the finished work.

Minimum / maximum number on workshop: No more than 20 please.

 Requirement list for participants:

 Cotton or linen fabric 1-2m.

  • White Perle, Coton a broder or similar threads 2-3 .
  • spray bottle,
  • bucket,
  • ziploc bags or takeaway containers.
  • stencils bought or homemade.
  • paint brushes
  • jar for water
  • brushes
  • sewing kit (needles, scissors etc)
  • white picture frame 23cm x 23cm

Optional as a group:

Found rusty objects, black tea, green tea, fruit tea, orange juice. Clothes rack to hand fabric samples to dry.

I will be bringing:

rusting powder, vinegar, sodium bicarbonate powder, woad and various modifiers to experiment with.

To buy on the day:

  •  fabric – various prices…
  • threads – various prices
  • rust powder to take home – £5
  • picture frames – £4

I can take cash, cheque or card payments.


November 23rd  Day School by Nina Fenner. Chinese Sewing Kit

Chinese Thread Books

I will provide all the paper to make the basic folded books. All these things to bring are optional so don’t worry, you can just turn up if you want to.

If you have some please bring 

  • a pot of PVA and a glue brush
  • paper scissors
  • pencil and ruler

(I will supply some for people to use as well)

If you would like to make your book unique and beautiful please bring the following

  • Felt pens or watercolour paints to decorate the outsides of the pockets
  • Small, thin scraps of fabric (cotton) or paper for lining the boxes
  • A piece of cotton or linen minimum size 28cm x 25cm for a cover for the book, (it will wrapped around the cover of the book and the visible area will be 23cm x 26cm if you wish to embroider part of the cover)
  • Cord or ribbon for a tie around the book
  • Beads or tassels to attach to the ties

I will have traditional patterns for you to copy and decorate the books if you wish to.

I will also have a selection of all of the above to borrow or buy if you do not have them (or forget them!)

23rd March 2019 – STITCHED MEMORIES with Rowena Light

Backing fabric – non stretch, e.g. calico, soft cotton.

I used a 12” square, but you may prefer a different format. Bring a good sized piece if you wish, and you can cut it to size on the day when you have more idea of what you may do

Small pieces of fabric (again non stretchy), in your colourways, some plain, some patterned.

You may wish to print or paint on them before you come, with an image suitable to your memories

Basic sewing kit, a range of threads, a sharp pair of scissors

(For those wishing to use a machine, you may, though this is principally a hand sewing day. If you bring a machine, please also remember to bring an extension lead, your machine manuals, all your accessories, machine threads, spare needles etc.)

Bondaweb to cover your base fabric. I will bring some which will be available at cost.

Crazy patchwork stitchbooks if you have any. I will provide handouts with stitch patterns.

A machine sewing thread (cotton or polycotton) to match your top fabrics, for basting, I will bring some to share

Please ring 07528271426 if you need advice.

Look forward to seeing you all


February 23rd 2019 – Day School by Jan Tillett

Wrinkles and Runkles – (stitch it, shrink it, love your wrinkles!)



This one day workshop will introduce you to the amazing textural effects that you can create with shrink polyester. Using a variety of fabrics and your sewing machine you will make a variety of samples using free motion stitching and using the preset stitches on your sewing machine. You will go home with a collection of wrinkles to be proud of!

Equipment required for workshop:

The following materials and equipment will be needed for the workshop:

  • Domestic sewing machine – bring all tools, feet and instruction book
  • Darning foot/free motion embroidery foot for sewing machine. Variety of sewing machine needles.
  • Sewing kit – scissors (fabric and paper), pins, tailors chalk etc.
  • Wooden kebab stick
  • ½ metre of calico
  • Sewing threads in various colours – Gutermann, Sylko, Drima etc
  • Machine embroidery threads if you have them, including metallic threads
  • Notebook and pen/pencil
  • 50cm x 60cm of shrink polyester (I will have some available to buy )
  • a variety of fabrics to include silk, chiffon, organza, light weight velvet/velour, cotton – plain and patterned, (50cm squares of each will be more than enough!)
  • small amount of wadding
  • lace, ribbon and/or sari ribbon.

If you have any queries before the course, please ‘phone me on 01884 32164  or email jan.tillett@btinternet.com



Jackie Martin – Textile Stones 28th April 2018










Garden of Dreams Day School February 24th by Gwen Hartley

The cost is £22 plus £2.00 towards refreshments and hire of the hall. This Day School is going to be an excellent learning experience for all whether experienced or just beginning to enjoy embroidery. Gwen is a highly experienced tutor and practitioner. If you are interested and would like to join us for the day please email me at pamshead@blueyonder.co.uk

Materials List for Hand Stitching

  1. Photograph of a garden with flowers and foliage
  2. Drawing pen waterproof
  3. Small piece of water soluble fabric
  4. Small bag of scraps of transparent and assorted fabrics, shiny, textured, thick, thin; in colours to match your photograph
  5. Embroidery threads
  6. General sewing equipment including white sewing cotton
  7. Embroidery stitch book
  8. I will supply a small piece of A5 water soluble Stabilizer at £1.35 if you do not have any of your own.

Materials List for Machine Embroidery

  1. Photograph of garden or landscape with flowersor foliage.  Ypou canadd twqo photographs together to make a good design.
  2. All the above list as for hand sewing
  3. Sewing machine
  4. Machine threads to match your photographs
  5. ypou may want to work large than A4.  If IO supply water soluble stabilizer it will cost £2.70

Example by Gwen

Distressed Serviettes by Diana Wright – 25th November 2017







REQUIREMENTS LIST – to make a small book or bookcover using paper serviettes

  1. Sewing machine in good working order with instruction manual
  2. Foot pedal, plug and an extension lead
  3. Machine needles 90/100
  4. Machine feet to include normal straight/zig zag foot and darning foot
  5. Selection of machine embroidery threads, metallics, cottons, polyester in colours of your choice to compliment or tone with your serviettes
  6. Usual sewing equipment, pins, needles, scissors
  7. A small selection of paper serviettes of good quality with fairly bold patterns so that you can pick out some individual flower or abstract shape
  8. A few plain white or cream paper serviettes.
  9. Coloured felt, wool mix is good, in colour of your choice to compliment serviette in same size as the serviette.
  10. Transfoils
  11. Plain Bondaweb
  12. Acrylic wax or matte Mod Podge, brush to apply
  13. A small notebook to cover which will fit in one half of a paper serviette or paper to make your own pages
  14. Readymade cord or wool and machine thread to make your own machine wrapped cords for fastening book

I will show other ways for using paper serviettes and will bring various extra bits with me in case anyone wishes to do something different to the notebooks. Serviettes, threads and felt are your main requirements


Screen Printing by Val Hughes – October 28th 2017

Workshop Information

I will be bringing most of the equipment including a few blocks,  screens, printing inks, squeegies, brushes for cleaning etc.

Our aim is to print on fabrics,  a tote bag (I will have some for sale at £1.00 each if people wish to print one) and if desired learners can bring items they may already have such as a cotton apron, tea towel, pillow cases or even a cotton skirt, top or dress!! We will use screen printing methods, some block printing and I will also demonstrate how to create your own economical block.  This will be worked as a rotational workshop where learners take turns to print after I have demonstrated.

Learners need to bring:-

  • A selection of fabrics  to print onto such as cotton, calico, polyester cotton.
  • If desired a cotton bag, apron, tea towel, pillow case, cotton skirt, top or dress.
  • Notebook and Pen
  • Masking Tape
  • Plastic Apron or Old Shirt to protect clothing
  • Latex Gloves (Optional)
  • Scissors
  • Stiff Card for making your own blocks (Mount Board is Ideal)
  • A sheet of funky foam
  • Double Sided Tape
  • String
  • Craft Knife and Ruler
  • A small plastic tray (a take away plastic carton, lid is ideal)
  • A bag and newspapers/kitchen roll to protect work on route home.

Heather Everett Landscape Day School – 20th May 2017

Course Title: Machine Appliqué using bondaweb/bondina. Creating a landscape

Course Aim:

To introduce the technique of layering in machine appliqué using bondina.

Using a provided design or own photograph to create a design for a landscape picture. Use of couching, textured stitching and beading. Use of sheers and net to give shaded effects

Demonstration of stretching & mounting embroideries.

Materials & Tools:

  • Sewing machine capable of zigzag, drop feed for free embroidery
  • Fabric scissors
  • Iron (one between two would be ideal)
  • Pencil
  • Hand sewing needle
  • Piece of fabric 20x30cm
  • Piece of fabric for backing 30x40cm Calico is ideal.
  • Fabric for appliqué: Relevant landscape colours in differing weights include chiffons, sheers or nets.
  • Machine embroidery threads
  • Threads or cords for couching, a couching foot if you have one.
  • An embroidery hoop
  • Piece of bondina/bondaweb (1/4 metre, I can supply this for a small additional charge]
  • Selection of small beads & sequins

Before the day:

Select your design, I can supply some options, or choose a landscape photograph. You could add colours to your design with pencil crayons to help you decide on colour ways. Choose a variety of fabrics to suit your design. Silk is a lovely fabric to use because of its lustrous shine & depth of colour.



February 25th 2017

Nina Fenner Coptic Book Making

Nina Fenner Day School list

Two pieces of fabric:  28cm x 22cm  (11” x 81/2”)

The fabric needs to be a medium weight cotton or linen (around a thin curtain type weight) NOT polycotton or other synthetic fabric – you could embroider the fabric. The decorations need to be within the area 23cm x 17cm.

All things to bring are optional so don’t feel you have to bring all these. All basic materials are supplied and I will have a selection of tools/glue etc for people to use. I will also some materials to buy if you think you would like to continue making books after the workshops.

It would be helpful if you can bring the following

  • Pencil,
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Small pot of PVA
  • Glue brush
  • Apron/old clothes (or be careful with your glue!)
  • Cutting mat or cork board
  • Scalpel

You may also bring these if you have them

  • Bone folder
  • Strong decorative threads
  • Fabric/paper for covers (see above)
  • Decorative papers for lining cover

I will be providing a basic stock of paper, card, decorative cover papers, glues, scrap paper, needles and thread.



Oooh Organza with Zoe Hughes on 26th November 2016

Thimblestitch Nov 16


  • Calico no bigger than A4 size*
  • Black machine thread*
  • Inktense blocks if you have them.  There will be some to borrow but if you have soft pastels, or Koh-i-Noor they will be fine.
  • Scraps of Organza
  • A piece of organza to top it A4 size*
  • Pencil and paper
  • Transfer pencil*
  • Small pair of sharp scissors
  • A selection of embroidery threads* hand and machine
  • Needles
  • Sewing machine in full working order with the ability to drop the feed dogs, Instruction book and foot pedal. We do have machines to borrow if you can’t bring yours.  The machining is a small part of the day school.
  • Newspaper


  Heather Everett October 2016 –

Machine Applique using bondaweb/bondina.
Shading & layering to create a flower or butterfly panel

Heather Everett Oct 16




 Stef Francis June 2016

 creative embroidery

 You will need
Square embroidery frame/or artist stretchers approx 12”X12”
Muslin to dress frame,
Opaque background fabric, *
Lacy fabric*
Sheer fabric*
Metal foil*(optional)
Fine wires*(optional)
Embroidery threads of various weights*
Beads and sequins*
Usual sewing equipment, to include sewing pins
Drawing pins
Masking tape ¾ inch wide.
 If you wish to emboss a piece of metal foil as your central square you will need to bring a thick magazine and embossing tools/dried out ball point pen.
* I will bring for sale

 Alicia Merrett April 2016

Click here: IMAGINING MAPS.AliciaMerrett-5.

Lynda Monk October 2015


Evening Talk 21 October 2015 – ‘Creating Surfaces’

Day School 24 October 2015 – 4 Scrim,Screens & Scrappy Bits

In this workshop we will be looking at ways to create textured and background surfaces using scrim and Thermofax screens combined with Gesso, Xpandaprint, AcrylicPaints and various other mediums. Although most of these surfaces may work well on their own, they will all be enhanced with further embellishment in the way of stitch, beading or additional mixed-media products and techniques.Each student will take home a variety of samples created during the day.

Requirements List
All materials are supplied by Lynda Monk and included in the price of the Day School
but you will also need
Heat gun if you have one
Usual sewing kit including scissors
Sewing machine
Kitchen Towel and baby wipes
Extension leads

 Jan Tillett 28th November 2015 – www.jantillett.co.uk

Small Embroidered Box

Create a box for precious things using free machine embroidery. The lid will be embroidered using recycled fabric flowers.


The usual equipment for free machine embroidery:

· Domesticsewing machine – bring all tools and instruction book

· Darningfoot/free motion foot for sewing machine and a selection of needles

· Normal sewing foot for sewing machine

· Sewingkit – scissors (fabric and paper), pins, tailors chalk, thimble etc.

· ½metre Calico

· Notebookand pen/pencil

20” x12”/ 50cm x 30cm of each of the following:

· Pelmet/heavyweight craft vilene

· Organza

· Mistyfuse

· Bondaweb– not essential but useful to have with you


· Four8” squares of felt – two for the outside of the box, two for the lining

· Fabric flowers – small ones are best. They will be taken apart for this project

· Machine embroidery threads in your chosen colours

· Sewing thread to match your fabrics

· Baking parchment

· Angelina fibres (optional)

· A3 cutting mat, rotary cutter and 12” square ruler (a 6” x 12” ruler will do)

· Inktensepastels/watercolour crayons and paintbrush if you have them – not essential but may be useful to have with you.

If youhave any queries before the workshop, please contact me on 01884 32164 or emailjan.tillett@btinternet.com

Joan Prowse 27th February 2016 – www.joanprowse.co.uk

Alicia Merrett 30th April 2016 – www.aliciamerrett.co.uk

Stef Francis 25th June 2016 – www.stef-francis.co.uk

Heather Everitt 29th October 2016 – www.heatheremb.co.uk

Thimblestitch 26th November – www.thimblestitch-devon.co.uk


Colouricious Day School work

 Colouricious 3 Colouricious 1 Colouricious 2

nina fenner day school 28th March

Here are links to a requirements list: things to bring stab binding,

*** (please note the new start time: 9.30am) ***

and some additional information: Stab binding outline

… and a link to Nina’s website: http://www.ninafenner.co.uk/

Nina Fenner 2

 a collection of the work produced during the Nina Fenner workshop


Here is a link to the requirements list, for the up-coming Day School: All Laced Up with Gwen Hartley

Here are some of our finished pieces from the All Laced-Up event

All laced-up 3  All Laced-up

All laced-up 4  All laced-up 5   All laced-up 2


Day workshop with Katy Choroszewska


For anyone who loves patchwork and appliqué, Katy Choroszewska’s day class on Mola was a real inspiration.

Mola is a traditional form of reverse appliqué and appliqué stitched by the Kuna Indians from the San Blas Islands off the Panama coast. www.panama-mola.com

Katy introduced this fine craft to the group, explaining how these island women make panels for the bodice of their blouses using new and recycled fabric pieces to create naïve, colourful geometric and animal designs into complex patterns. www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mola_(art_form)

The Kuna women have been liberated by Mola craft as they make a useful income from this folk art, helping them gain welcome independence by selling their much sought-after textiles to the local and tourist markets.

If illustrations of Kuna Mola weren’t enough to encourage the group’s interest, then Katy’s own interpretations of the form certainly were! Using her hand-dyed cottons and threads, her work is exquisitely fine, joyous and fun.


You will find lots of information on Katy online. Her online shop is well worth checking out for her dyed fabrics and threads. www.tamarembroideries.co.uk and on Facebook www.facebook.com/katy.choroszewska as well as ETSY and Pinterest.

Mola is not for the faint-hearted! Patience and nimble stitching makes for the best results. But the effort is repaid by the colourful, creative projects that you can produce. Mola opens up new creative avenues for those among you who love patchwork and appliqué, from pictures, hangings, panels for clothing and quilts. The traditional designs are wonderful but as folk art, new themes and ideas are constantly being introduced (even cartoon characters have been used by the Kuna women!) – leaving each of us free to bring in traditional European folk motifs – or even our own inventions.

For those of you who were unable to attend the workshop, Katy shares the basic techniques with us here, mola and check out her website for details of forthcoming classes and exhibitions.

Our thanks go to Katy for leading such a brilliant day and for sharing her basic techniques with us here and on the day.

Joan Prowse – Felting Workshop

Joan ran an introductory workshop for Guild members.
It was a wonderful day and everyone produced felted roses and a landscape.
See her Facebok page here www.facebook.com/joan.prowse.7

One member said “I haven’t laughed so much in a workshop for years!”

Click on Joan’s business card to read her details

Further Felting

See professional felting courses being run by Bicton College bicton felting

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